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Mini Art Boards / Painting panels (2 pk)

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Mini at work is not only beautiful but is very practical and functional and fun. They are perfect for all styles of artwork, Resin, Acrylic, oils, hand painting etc.

These mini art boards are 150 x 150mm in size and 25mm thick and come in a pair.

They are made from 25mm ply, giving them a lovely edge which is a striking feature on its own and adds to the whole look of the piece.

Being 25mm thick they will stand on their edge without additional support or they can be laid flat or wall hung.

The top of the panel is double primed. The edges are sanded before priming and then sanded again after priming with a fine sandpaper to remove any primer that may have bleed onto the sides giving a very sharp transition between the top and the sides and also leaving the edges silky smooth.

All of our art boards are made using FSC certified sustainable timber.