Primed Art Boards

Our Primed Art Boards are hand made in Australia in Melbourne. We source the best materials possible for the best results, we could get cheaper materials but we won't. Our painting panels are sanded to a smooth finish, primed and then always sanded before the 2nd coat of primer to give a better finish.

Our primed art boards are perfect for the artist that needs a more stable surface than a stretched canvas. Ideal for Resin Art, Acrylic Pouring or any self levelling medium where you don't want the surface to sag and the medium to pool. On request we can prime these surfaces black for a small additional charge. 

We have a wide range of standard shapes, Round Art Boards, Square and Rectangle Art Boards, Triangle Art Boards, Hexagon Art boards, Jigsaw Puzzle sets. We can custom make any other shape you want also.

Australian made