Aluminium Art Boards

Our Aluminium art boards we created initially for Alcohol ink artists that didn't want the hassle of sticking down Yupo paper to an art board. So we came up with a solution to do away with this step. They are now being loved by all types of artists, Acrylic painters, Resin artists and Acrylic pouring medium artists.

Our Aluminium art boards are made from high quality aluminium panel, not the weak, cheap flimsy stuff you find at your local hardware store. We could make them out of this aluminium panel, but we don't because it just isn't up to our standard.

We make our Aluminium Art boards in Black, White and a number of custom metallic colours. We Can choose between 50 different colours so if you have something in mind we can custom make it for you.

Our Aluminium Art Boards come in Round Art Boards,  Square Art Boards, Hexagon Art Boards and we can do custom shapes for artists also.  Australian made