Pine ply Art Boards

Australian made art boards from premium products.

Frame made from premium grade kiln dried pine.  Top is made from 4mm Furniture grade pine ply with a sanded raw finish, with the sides sanded flush so the top frame join is perfectly smooth.

Total depth of the board is 36mm (32mm frame, 4mm top)

Smaller art boards use 32 x 18mm timber for the frame. larger art boards use 32 x 32mm timber. As the size gets larger corner bracing and centre bracing is included. (40 x 40cm pictured)

These painting panels are perfect for a variety of mediums. Resin art, Acrylic painting, Oil Painting, encaustics, Fluid pouring and more  

They are a lighter and cheaper option than the 6mm birch ply but with the same quality construction.  

Australian Made